About Me


My name is Alex Copeland, and I live just outside of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in the UK.

I have four kids, ranging in ages from 26 years old to 5 years old – built in baby sitters 🙂 – and I have been married for 24 years this year (2018), and before you ask, yeah, I don’t look old enough do I 😉

Believe it or not this still gives me time for my other passion, music.

I’m also a professional singer for a ska punk band called [spunge]. We’ve been together since 1994, although there’s a couple of years prior to that where we just messed around so technically I suppose we formed in 1992.

We’ve done pretty well over the years – we were signed to a subsidiary of Warner Bros in the early 2000’s (back to being DIY now with our own record label) and during that time had a UK top 40 single and a number one video on music channels as well as releasing several albums.

If you want to read a little more about the band you can check out the Spunge Wikipedia Page

We tour pretty much every year, and have played festivals such as Download, Reading and Leeds, T in the Park and loads more alongside such acts as Green Day, Metallica, Motorhead and Foo fighters plus many headline tours of our own.

[SPUNGE] - Alex CopelandAs well as touring we still release stuff on our own label, and lately funded through PledgeMusic, and are lucky to have some awesome die-hard and new fans turn up every time we play so we aren’t showing any signs of stopping yet.

Personally I also play guitar but not in the band, plus I like jumping around at the front too much to be doing that on stage 🙂

Anyway, playing in the band was and still is awesome, but after we left the label it didn’t pay the bills as we were back to doing it all by ourselves, so all the money we earned went back into it to buy equipment, tour expenses, practice time etc leaving nothing really for anything but beer (lots and lots of beer!)

This meant I needed to find something to pay the bills, and after living the rock star lifestyle for quite a few years as you can imagine a 9-to-5 really didn’t fit too well with the way my mind works!

After searching around I found something called e-commerce (selling physical stuff online) which seemed to fit the main criteria, being able to work in my underpants, and by 2006/2007 was earning some okay money from doing it.

Selling physical stuff means you have to have physical stock though, and after a while and with things growing at a nice rate it meant that my house was getting taken over with such niceties as thongs and bra sets (quick tip: things like that sell VERY well online) so I went back online to see if there is any way around this growing problem.

While searching I found something called drop-shipping, basically this was still selling physical stuff but someone else held the stock for you and when you sold it they packaged it and sent out to you from their own warehouse in exchange for a fee. Obviously this meant you earn less per sale but it was much easier and meant I could get into most of the rooms in my house again so we tried it for a while and all was good.

However, at the same time I found out about drop-shipping I also bumped into something else called affiliate marketing which interested me even more.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you take someone else’s product and sell it, usually a digital format book, software or something like that although you can do it with physical products too, and then you get paid commission by the product or item owner.

This looked ideal as it actually meant that you didn’t need any stock whatsoever, most of the commissions were great so earning potential was huge, and it also meant that if there were any problems it was the owner that dealt with them (i.e. Amazon/JVZoo Vendor) not the person that sold them, me, so I started focusing on making mini sites and getting them ranked for other people’s products.

What Goes Up Must Come Down…

This went really, really well, and by 2008/2009 I went full time as an Internet marketer. Happy Days!

However, sometimes these things are too good to be true, and I got complacent about the fact that the money was coming in from these little sites I was making, and to coin a very cliche phrase, my earnings disappeared overnight… Damn you Google (love ya really)

So around 2011 I went back to work for a while (Not so Happy Days… BOO!) but was able to use the skills I learnt through affiliate marketing (SEO, site building, online marketing) in a job situation and get paid pretty well for it.

Problem was that while I was getting paid, I soon realised that I really wasn’t getting paid ENOUGH for what I was doing… and I also realised that there was a huge demand for my sort of skill set, not just in affiliate marketing…

So, I began to build up my business again whilst working, learning from my mistake and before long I had built it back up to a point that I could go full time, for the second time, in 2013.

This Time I’m Doing It Different

However, this time I made sure that I didn’t keep all my eggs in one basket so to speak, so as well as making money through affiliate marketing, I also started coaching people to do the same, plus using my extensive video and SEO knowledge I also started taking on business clients and getting their sites and web properties nice and high up in the rankings to create more business for them.

The only issue with this is that although I mostly enjoyed the work… the clients… not so much lol…

I’m not being a dick saying that, some of them were great, but some of them REALLY weren’t… PRO TIP: The lower the fee you charge for your services the more likely your clients are towards the pain in the butt end of the scale… weird but VERY true…

The other downside of a lot of clients is that they take a lot of your time, so the affiliate marketing was suffering, I still dabbled and really enjoyed it (a LOT) but just didn’t have the time to do it properly… so in a last ditch effort to make that my main focus but in a sustainable way I decided to go to a marketing event, posted about the fact on Facebook and found out I actually lived in the same place in the UK as some other very well known marketers, Matt Garrett and Chris Hitman, and they invited me out for beers…

At the event I ended up meeting and getting on with many great marketers, mainly because my years in a band meant I could keep up with them drinking, and they convinced me to use my video making skills to create a product and sell it online… something I hadn’t thought of doing before.. so I got to work…

So late in 2015 I created and released AAA Green Screen Edition – followed by another launch of AAA Royalty Free Stack – a collection of sounds and video assets – both of which did well enough to create 5 figures in revenue… and meant I could leave most of the clients behind, although I still dabble from time to time 😉

BUT… it isn’t always roses and nice stuff when you do this…

I set about to create another product called Rank and Bank System – showing people how to make and rank video easily – and created the whole course in the space of about 2-3 weeks, sales pages and all, and released it, got some good sales…. but…

I started acting like an arse to my family and friends… not my proudest moment…

Family First… Always…

You see the intense way I had made the product turned me into a stressed out idiot… I was snapping at my kids and permanently either doing or thinking about work, to the detriment of everything else… not cool.. so I decided it was time to change it up and walked away from Internet Marketing completely.

Ditched the lists, removed the sales pages, left all the Facebook groups… the works.. and went and got myself a J.O.B. – the whole thing…

So for a while I convinced myself that a job was the way it was meant to be – clock in, clock out, not really care about the work while still doing a good job, get home, watch TV, eat, sleep, repeat…

Thing is like I have said before, I’m really not suited to that at all – at times I wished I could have been, it would have been much easier to be happy with the routine of work, pub, weekend, work… but for me it was the worst thing I could be doing.

It was driving me CRAZY.

Luckily I hadn’t broken all ties with people in IM because a lot of them were still my actual FRIENDS – yep, when I write an email saying ‘My Good Friend (Top Marketer) has released a product…’ – I’m one of the few people that aren’t B.S’ing lol 😉

I had kept in touch with Mark Bishop, Paul O’Keeffe, Matt Garrett, Richard Fairbairn to name just a few… and along with the backup and support of some of them I decided to do it again, my way, without the stress I had laid on myself the last time and so I quit working in an office again… because at the end of the day money is just money… time is something we don’t get any more of and I needed to spend it in the best way possible…

Since then I have partnered up with Paul O’Keeffe, Richard Fairbairn, Andrew Firth and others, and bugged Mark Bishop for input and help to the point that I owe them all MANY beers 🙂

I’ve released several products, some info training, some software, and built up an affiliate marketing business that means I get to do stuff on my terms… as well as helping out the above people with demo videos, voice overs, training videos and more… and the occasional hand picked client that doesn’t annoy me 😉

Obviously while all the above has been going on I still have my awesome family to look after, and the band still tours and plays all year round… so it means I’m busy… VERY busy… but I wouldn’t swap it for that cubicle 9-5 crap EVER again…

What’s Next?

You can never tell what will come around the corner, the above shows that it really isn’t plain sailing usually, but this whole journey just means that I’m where I am meant to be now and know where the mistakes can happen and most of all, I have learnt that you should NEVER forget why you are doing it in the first place… I had the money coming in but at the cost of my family and friends… so what was the point?

Don’t worry, I fixed that, and am here to stay for a long, happy, time – with products being launched, campaigns being set up and much more behind the scenes.

Thanks for reading, there was a lot to say and I still will have missed chunks out for sure…

I hope all of you have an awesome day x